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Plumbing & Heating Installation, Servicing and Repairs

Central Heating Servicing & Repairs


We install, repair and service all types of gas boilers, including back boilers. With the modern fuel efficient boilers now available it is possible to replace an older boiler and you will not only save money on your fuel bills, but often save space too.

Radiators and Valves 

If you are making improvements you may need radiators replaced or your current system extended. We can help by planning the best way to do this, and can calculate the required output to make sure your heating will be up to the job.

We can also advise on and fit thermostatic valves to your system which keep the temperature stable and can save money on your fuel bills as well.

Hot Water Cylinders and Pumps

Modern insulated high recovery hot water cylinders can be a wise investment as a replacement to older cylinders. We can also replace your pumps, which are often a point of failure, in your heating system.

We also install and repair the more modern unvented and thermal store cylinders which provide mains pressure hot water, and can be an excellent choice where attic space is unavailable or getting sufficient 'head' of water is a problem.


Prevention is often better than repair, and taking care of your heating system can be a wise investment in the long run. Plumbforce can help with our powerflush service. 

We can check your current system and give you recommendations on the best way to minimise long term damage to the system from corrosion and sludge build up.

If your system needs it, we can then carry out powerflushing using specialist equipment to clean your system quickly and without mess.

This helps to dislodge sludge and other contaminants in your pipework that may cause a blockage or problems later, and we can then introduce corrosion inhibitor that will help to keep your system clean and free running for years of trouble free service.



" When we needed some radiators replaced Paul was a star -
coming up with options we hadn't even thought of which made the job much better, and cheaper too!"