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Plumbing Services and Repairs

plumber in mid kentWe can help you plan and carry out all manner of plumbing repairs and improvements to your home, including:

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Need to replace your bath, cure a dripping tap or move a basin?

We can help with these and any other jobs around the home including installing a new toilet, changing taps and fittings, installing towel rails and many other jobs that can make all the difference! 


We can install a new efficient power shower for you, so you can enjoy a powerful refreshing shower at any time. We can also repair or replace your existing shower, repair or replace the pump, and check everything is working as expected.

Water Softeners

In the South East we suffer from hard water, and this can seriously affect your plumbing and pipes over the years. There are a number of options to reduce the effects of this and we can talk you though the options and install water softeners and filters.

General Plumbing

Dripping taps, leaking pipes, installing an outside tap and dealing with all manner of fittings and pipework - this is what we do.

Whether you need to talk to us because you are in trouble, or if you just need our advice on the best approach and want us to talk through the options, just give us a call, we would love to help!



"When our power shower suddenly stopped working I thought we could be facing a large bill, but Paul was able to quickly identify the fault and it was as good as new in minutes"